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Q: Co znaczy bonding ?
A: The usual meaning is to form a relationship with someone or something. It also is used to describe attaching things together.
Q: Co znaczy bonding?
A: When you spend time with someone, you become better and better friends, that's bonding, when your bonds are deepened.
Q: Co znaczy bonding event?
A: Bonding events aren’t really common, or at least we wouldn’t name or call an event that way but it would just simply mean an event that helps people bond. They could bond over different things or for different purposes. Like a bonding event can be a retreat for a club to get to know each other. I hope this helped!
Q: Co znaczy It's a bonding thing!?
A: Something you do together to foster a closer relationship, or just enjoy being together. Some stereotypical "male bonding" might be getting together to drink beer and watch sports, for women it might be shopping for clothes, friends or family might go camping.
Q: Co znaczy bonding afternoon?
A: It is an afternoon spent building a better relationship.

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Q: Napisz przykładowe zdania z bonding time.
Thank you♡
Is this a correct sentence?
・We had a good bonding time haveing a ice cream together.
Q: Napisz przykładowe zdania z bonding.
A: There is a special glue bonding these two pieces of wood together. It is supposed to be very strong and it works even under water.

It is great to see Diego and Maria bonding like that. I was worried they wouldn't get along, but look at them playing together!
Q: Napisz przykładowe zdania z bonding"meaning the formation of close human relationship.
A: In the relationship, the boy and girl are bonding.

The soldier was bonding with his friends.

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Q: What is called for bonding girl's hair?
A: I think you may be describing braids? braiding of hair
Q: What does bonding exercises mean in this context?
A: A bonding exercise is a kind of game or activity that teaches a group of people how to work together effectively. Studying the engine helped Buzza and Mueller's group learn how to cooperate effectively.
Q: Czy to brzmi naturalnie? Can I say like " i'm bonding with them " as 私は彼らとうまくやっていってます?
A: The actual meaning is 絆を固めています or 仲良くなっていってます.

'I'm getting along with them well' or 'We're really getting along' is closer to 私は彼らとうまくやっていってます。
Q: Czy to brzmi naturalnie? "bonding with him really takes it out of me. he's mind is pretty much set on another person"
A: Other than that, it sounded natural in my opinion. It was understandable to me about what you meant.

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