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Q: Co znaczy retail calender?
A: The times of the year when they have different types of sales
Q: Co znaczy new calender year?
A: New year that the calendar starts on. It starts January 1st

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Q: Napisz przykładowe zdania z calender.
A: I assume you mean calendar.

She looked at the calendar to check the date.

Her new calendar had pictures of cute cats on it.

Let me check my calendar to see if I'm free that day.

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Q: Jaka jest różnica między calender i calendar ?
A: Calender doesn't exist.

Translations of "Calender"

Q: Jak to przetłumaczyć na angielski (amerykański)? calender
A: Calendar ***
Q: Jak to przetłumaczyć na angielski (brytyjski)? calender
A: Calendar

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Q: Jak to poprawnie wypowiedzieć calender?
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: Czy to brzmi naturalnie? This calender is special as it reminds us to continue to make a positive difference to the society..
A: The only thing I would say is to say "a positive difference in the society", or "a positive difference to society". It sounds a bit more natural :)

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