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Q: Co znaczy ‘his six-foot frame shook with mirth’?
A: He is 6 foot tall and he is laughing so much that his whole body shook
mirth = (laughter)
frame = body
Q: Co znaczy framed ?
A: Like a picture is framed, the door acts like a frame around her face.
Q: Co znaczy frames within frames?
A: It's trying to create a natural frame around your subject in photography.

The flower is inside a frame = )
Q: Co znaczy (framed) ....I think maybe you're being framed?
A: It means a person is being accused of something by the person who did it
Q: Co znaczy "frame of reference"?
A: No frame of reference.....Like a ruler: One inch and three centimeters. The ruler gives you a frame of reference.
Or as Kant said, he got his frame of reference from the starry hosts above and the moral law within.
Or if you like a girl and want to know if you have a chance with her, consider the type guy she is attracted to, that will give you a frame of reference.

Example sentences using "Frame"

Q: Napisz przykładowe zdania z framed .
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: Napisz przykładowe zdania z frame (v).
A: Frame as a verb means someone will make it look like you did something that you didn't do.
The police framed the innocent man for a crime he didn't commit.
They tried to frame him for the murder, but they left the gun at their own house.
Q: Napisz przykładowe zdania z frame.
A: "He framed her as the murderer when it was really him." "They put the painting in a picture frame and hung it on the wall."
Q: Napisz przykładowe zdania z frame.
A: -It was the first state to frame a written constitution.
-She framed her questions carefully.
-He took the time to frame a thoughtful reply.
-They build the frame of a house.
-I need new frames for my glasses.

Synonyms of "Frame" and their differences

Q: Jaka jest różnica między he framed me i he plotted me i its a conspiracy he did to me ?
A: framing someone means you made it look like they did something bad/illegal.
Plotting against someone means your trying to think of ways to do bad stuff to them, like get revenge
a conspiracy is when a group, or organisation covers up something by lying and saying it's something else. people have conspiracy theories where they think the government has done that.
Q: Jaka jest różnica między frame i rack ?
A: A frame as in a picture frame:
Q: Jaka jest różnica między frame of mind and mood i some people feel with your frame of mind ?
A: Frame of mind is the way you think like
" You should change your frame of mind on racism, its very bad."
Mood mean what you are feeling: happy, sad, upset, etc.
"You're in a bad mood today"
Q: Jaka jest różnica między frame i build ?
A: In relation to body size, frame refers to your bones (skeletal) and build refers your muscles (musculo)

- Musculoskeletal
Q: Jaka jest różnica między frame i framework ?
A: A frame is a physical sturdy thing surrounding and encompassing another.

Framework is the basic underlying structure which could be abstract

The frame of the bed

The framework of her essay

Translations of "Frame"

Q: Jak to przetłumaczyć na angielski (amerykański)? The frame of a door
A: “the frame of the door” or “the doorframe.” 门框, right?
Q: Jak to przetłumaczyć na angielski (brytyjski)? is correct to say: We also have the same frame model in see-through and spotted version.
A: grazie mille !
Q: Jak to przetłumaczyć na angielski (brytyjski)? frame
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: Jak to przetłumaczyć na angielski (amerykański)? frame by frame
A: Check the question to view the answer

Other questions about "Frame"

Q: how do you use frame of mind and mood in daily routine
A: Usually “frame of mind and mood” is not used in every day English. The closes thing would be “mindset.” For example, “I have the right mindset for this exam” means that I am I feel good about the exam I am about to take. Hope this helps
Q: Jak to poprawnie wypowiedzieć frame and flame?
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: Czy to brzmi naturalnie? The frame mount is a heavily modified version of another design which i found here.
A: Double check the “heavily modified” pronounciation. Overall its good
Q: What does "frame game" mean in the last sentence? This story is from "Arthur".
The story is about Arthur's new glasses.
A: It is a made-up expression. Being in the "something-game" means "to be good at something and to do it a lot."
If you said that you are in the "money-making-game" it means that you are often trying to make money and you are successful at it.

"Frames" are the part of glasses that are not glass.

So, being in the frame-game means that you often wear glasses and that you are an expert about the style of glasses.

The character is making a joke that he is an expert at wearing glasses even though he is wearing ski-goggles
Q: What does "frame lock" in line 7 mean?
A: I've never seen that phrase used for setting up a satellite dish.
But I guess they could be using it as lining up a frame(think picture frame) and locking it in place figuratively.

It's actually called a signal lock. Just having a signal isn't enough to get a picture on a satellite dish. You need to get a signal locked on to the satellite.

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