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Q: Co znaczy to snap?
A: Snap could mean to click your fingers, if you know what I mean. It could also describe the sound of something suddenly breaking in two, like a stick. Metaphorically, it means you've had enough and you're about to mentally split in two, and you snap, thus unleashing sudden anger. I hope this makes sense.
Q: Co znaczy oh, snap !.?
A: Some people use "Oh snap!" as a cleaner way of saying "oh sh*t!" and can be used in many situations.
"Oh snap! I forgot my phone."
"Oh snap, that was awesome!"
Or if something bad or unexpected happens, you could just say "Oh, snap!"
Q: Co znaczy snap out of it?
A: 振作起来 or 别这样了!
For example:
Stop acting so depressed and snap out of it! I know you will find a boyfriend soon.

Q: Co znaczy "snap" in 384?
A: 'Snap' is a way to say something is easy or simple. So, you could rewrite the line as, "You think it's simple?"
Q: Co znaczy "snap" in 287?
A: It probably is a boxing term. It should mean that his left hand lacks speed

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Q: Napisz przykładowe zdania z snap off.
A: (The branches had been damaged and snapped off easily)
Which means break off or take off but it's rarely used
Q: Napisz przykładowe zdania z snaps.
A: He snaps his buttons closed.
I can snap with both hands.
The rope snapped. It caused everyone to fall.
I heard a snap. I think I dislocated my shoulder.

If you are interested in practicing more English:
Q: Napisz przykładowe zdania z snap out of it.
A: Geez, you’ve been crying over the movie ending a little too long. Snap out of it. It’s annoying.

Q: Napisz przykładowe zdania z ‎‎1. snap up
2. shove around.
A: My wrist snapped up when I broke it.

The dancer snapped up when they rose from the ground.

The bullies shoved me around and I fell.

I shove around my paperwork when I don't want to do work.
Q: Napisz przykładowe zdania z what is a snap judgement?.
A: if you saw a person wearing an expensive brand you might think, "that guy has a lot of money" this is a snap judgement. We dont know if he really has a lot of money or if he saved up for something expensive. We are quickly judging him based on not a lot of information.

Synonyms of "Snap" and their differences

Q: Jaka jest różnica między snap off i break off ?
A: They are basically the same if you are talking about a physical object breaking.
"Break off" can apply to non-physical things.
"I broke off the relationship." = "I ended the relationship."
Q: Jaka jest różnica między snap out of it i hold on together i knock it off ?
A: snap out of it: telling somebody to stop hallucinating, stop thinking about it
ex: snap out of it! that person is already married. It's no use to wonder what if anymore

knock it off: telling somebody to stop doing something
ex: knock it off! stop pulling pranks on me!

hold it together (I assume this is what you mean): telling somebedy to stay focus, remain calm in times when the other person is shaken
ex: I know you're sad because your parent die, but you need to hold it together and make sure your little sister gets treated immediately
Q: Jaka jest różnica między snap i break ?
A: You can break anything, but snap refers to something thin, that makes a sharp and sudden cracking sound as it breaks.
You snapped my ruler.
Your pencil snapped in half.
Don’t stand on that plank of wood, it will snap.
Can you snap a piece of that chocolate off for me please.
Q: Jaka jest różnica między snap i spit ?
A: But it’s not very common for people to use that as in expression or in sentence.
Q: Jaka jest różnica między snap out of it! i knock it off! ?
A: Snap out of it is like telling someone to stop experiencing/feeling a certain way. Ex. “Snap out of it! You’re thinking too negatively!” Knock it off is the same thing as stop it. Ex. *Someone keeps bugging you* so you say “Knock it off!”

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Q: Jak to przetłumaczyć na angielski (amerykański)? Before me, there was no snap in his turtle for two years. What does it mean?
A: Aha! Is this from FRIENDS?ㅋㅋㅋ
It means that He couldn’t get or keep an erection.
But pls don’t say this to a native English speaker in a daily conversation because they would probably not understand since it’s a FRIENDS only joke😂
Q: Jak to przetłumaczyć na angielski (amerykański)? snap at you
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: Jak to przetłumaczyć na angielski (amerykański)? 酔いが覚める (snap out of??)
A: 酔いが覚める = to sober up

Ex. He drank too much. Let him sober up before you ask any difficult questions.

Other questions about "Snap"

Q: I hear "snap!" sometimes in movies.(which i assume it means simply 'wow/oh my god'

is it actually common in everyday Englush too?
A: @richurchoi Sure! "Oh snap" can be said in just about any "Omg" situation. It can be for good or bad situations. It's commonly used in everyday language, or between friends/people you're cool with.

You're late for school/work = Oh snap, I'm late...
You find $10 on the ground = Ohhh snap!
You're at a club and someone starts break-dancing = Oh snap!!
Someone offers you food = Oh snap, for real?

It is kind of childish though (mainly because people say "oh shit" more often), but if you don't want to curse, you can say "Oh snap"
Q: What does "to form a snap judgement" mean?
A: To judge something or someone very quickly and without thinking much.
Q: Czy to brzmi naturalnie? i'm trying to snap out of bipolar disorder
A: I'm trying to snap out of this bipolar mood I've been in. <- sounds better
Q: What does"in snap drills" mean?
A: Drills: military exercises
Snap: quick, short-notice
Q: What does "snap up" mean? I would appreciate some example sentences.
A: She snapped up the first iPhone 6 after lining up for days outside the Apple Store. (To buy sth eagerly cos the price is low or it is sth hard to find)

They will snap up anything that is official statement. (to believe sth eagerly or unwittingly)

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