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Q: Co znaczy sniffle?
A: When you sniff because it’s cold❄️ or when you cry😢
Q: Co znaczy sniffles?
A: when some one "has the sniffles" they have a cold and have to blow their nose
Q: Co znaczy sniffle?
A: Sniffle is a soft breath through your nose when you have a cold, or are eating hot/spicy soup or something.

Example: I'm sniffling because I'm sick.

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Q: Jaka jest różnica między sniffle i snuffle ?
A: That's tricky they have a similar meaning but combine is more focused on 2 things becoming 1 where mingle is more focused on the intermixing. Usually though mingle has a social concept like people mingling with other people. Similar to being amongst.

That's how I look at it at least.
Q: Jaka jest różnica między sniffle i snivel i snuffle ?
A: Sniffle means to keep sniffing your nose, such as if someone is sick or has a stuffy nose. For example: She is sniffling a lot because she has the flu.

Snivel means to cry and sniffle, usually in an emotional manner. For example: He started sniveling while crying after his girlfriend broke up with him.

Snuffle means breathing or sniffing noisily. Usually this is associated with animals. For example: The dog was snuffling the ground to find a bone.
Q: Jaka jest różnica między sniffle i snuffle ?
A: You sniffle when you need to like when you have a runny nose.
To snuffle is to breathe in loudly like a sniff but for no reason.
However, people usually dont say the word snuffle.
Q: Jaka jest różnica między sniffle i snuffle ?
A: Animals often snuffle, e.g. pigs searching for food. Sniffle is more about when your nose is running.

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Q: I have snuffles=I have sniffles
is it correct?
A: Yes, but in the US snuffles sounds kind of silly and childish. Usually, adults say “I have the sniffles” or “my nose is stuffy” or “my nose is stuffed up” or “I have a stuffy nose.” :)
Q: Czy to brzmi naturalnie? you got a sniffle, I'll bring some tissues for you.
A: " You're nose is running, I'll get you some tissues. " Is a more natural way to say that. :)
Q: If you have a cold, you may sniffle. Is sniffling disgusting? Or blowing your nose is worse in public?
A: I think it's normal to sniffle, although people would most likely blow their noses whether they're in public or not.
Q: Czy to brzmi naturalnie? I heard your sniffle sound
A: "I heard you sniffle" should sound more natural 😊
Q: Czy to brzmi naturalnie? i heard your sniffle sound
A: @dojun: "I heard you sniffle" could be better :)

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