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Q: Co znaczy sniper?
A: A sniper is a person who shoots a gun from a long distance away, usually in spy movies
Q: Co znaczy sniper?
A: A person who is good at using a rifle, usually they shoot specific targets while hidden.

The story I heard is that it comes from people who hunted the "snipe" (which was supposedly a small bird that was very fast and easily spooked).
Q: Co znaczy "sniper montage"?
A: A team of professional riflemen trained to kill with rifles at long distances

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Q: Czy to brzmi naturalnie? You looks like a sniper.

A: You look like a sniper.
Q: Czy to brzmi naturalnie? sniper head down
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: Czy to brzmi naturalnie? A prolific sniper.
A: I had to look up that word, however.

Maybe use effective (use an instead of a), efficient, or expert so describe that the sniper is good at what he does.

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