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Q: Co znaczy I made a snowman with my hriend ?
A: I made a snowman with my friend
Q: Co znaczy what do you call a dead snowman ? I don't know why the answer is car pool?
A: I imagine it's because a snowman is made of water so when the snow melts in turns into water and I guess the snowman is in a car so the water that the snowman was made of fills the car up and we have something called "car pooling" where multiple people take the same car so it's a play on words.
Q: Co znaczy frosty the snowman?
A: the snowman magically comes alive - a pile of snow becomes a living person because of magic.

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Q: Jaka jest różnica między make a snowman i build a snowman ?
A: 意味的には変わりませんが、”build a snowman”とは少しおかしい感じがするので、と言う表現を使う人はほとんどいません。”Make a snowman”日常会話でよく使います。
Q: Jaka jest różnica między I make a snowman. i I build a snowman. ?
A: We say:
I made a snowman. (Past)
I am making a snowman. ( present)
I will make a snowman. ( future)

We say:

I built a house.
I built a model airplane.
I built a company.

We use build to mean
we created a structure
and put parts together.

With a snowman there are no
mechanical parts, pieces of wood.
There is no structure.

With a snowman we mash some snow together -
like mashed potatoes.

There are no parts.
Q: Jaka jest różnica między make a snowman i build a snowman ?
A: "Make a snowman" and "Build a snowman" doesn't have any difference at all. But saying "build a snowman" sounds more natural.

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Q: The snowman is melting.

Oh, it's gotten smaller!
Oh, it's got smaller!
Oh, it's got small!

Which one is better? I'd like to say this while making a snowman.
A: “It’s gotten smaller” would work if you did not actually watch it melt, but you came back to it later and it had melted while you were gone.

If it was melting right in front of you as you’re watching, you would say “it’s getting smaller.”
Q: Czy to brzmi naturalnie? I guess I can make snowmans as many as I want.
A: × I guess I can make snowmans as many as I want.
✓ I guess I can make as many snowmen as I want.

Q: Czy to brzmi naturalnie? we can make a snowman, don’t we?

Sounds great. let’s act at once.
Can I use the carrot at home for snowman nose?
A: We can make a snowman, can’t we?

Sounds great. Let's make one right now.
Can I use a carrot from home for the snowman's nose?
Q: Czy to brzmi naturalnie? This snowman made of salt.
A: "This snowman is made of salt."

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