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Q: Co znaczy The snuff rearranged their features into masks of grim determination.?
A: Snuff is a tobacco placed between the lower gum and cheek. Because of this, there is a lump and the shape of the face is slightly altered.

They are using “grim” because having the snuff in their mouth will resemble a frown.

So the writer is making an artistic attempt to describe that they had snuff in their mouths and the way their faces looked.
Q: Co znaczy up to snuff?
When something meets requirements, is sufficient for needs,or is in perfect condition, it is said to be “up to snuff”.

—His performance as a manager is up to snuff. He is efficient and reliable, and he meets my expectations on a daily basis.
Q: Co znaczy snuff?
A: snuff can be used for putting out a flame, usually snuff out
it is sometimes used to mean kill, as in 'snuff out someone's life'

loud inhalation, or sniff
we often say that animals are snuffing (or snuffling) when they are tracking a scent

it is the name for chewing tobacco or smokeless tobacco that you place in your mouth or inhale.
Q: Co znaczy snuff?
A: to breath something in though the nose or more commonly to kill someone
Q: Co znaczy I try to stay up to snuff on the trade journals?
A: The phrase 'I try to stay up to snuff of the trade journals' means that you are trying to stay up to date with trade or mentally aware or something.

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Q: Napisz przykładowe zdania z snuff out.
A: "They are attempting to snuff out smoking in the United States." "Snuff out the candles before we go to bed." I don't think young people use that phrase much today.
Q: Napisz przykładowe zdania z 'snuff' as a verb.
A: He snuffed out the candle (to extinguish the flame of a cadnle).
Q: Napisz przykładowe zdania z snuff.
A: While I was sick, I snuffed the mucus back in

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Q: Jak to przetłumaczyć na angielski (amerykański)? snuff
A: Snuff as in smokeless tobacco?

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Q: They say snuff or snuffin' a lot. Is it a made-up word in this game?
A: This is made-up slang for the world of the game. All of the slang words (like "snuffing", "sparking", "flickering") have to do with fire, because of the importance of the Flame Clock in the setting.
Q: Czy to brzmi naturalnie? "Maybe I'm not up to snuff to your parent, but I love so much as anyone else does."
A: People don't usually say "your parent", they say "your parents" or just "your mom" or "your dad".
Also, it should be "I love as much as anyone else does"

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