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Q: Co znaczy They didn’t have clear-cut strategy in place.
What does “in place” mean??
A: In this context, it serves as an auxiliary ornamental phrase. It means "in effect", as in they didn't have a clear-cut strategy in effect but even without the phrase, it is understandable from the context.
Q: Co znaczy If you adopt a strategy, you start using the strategy.
A: To adopt a strategy means to start using it :)
Q: Co znaczy strategy ?
A: A detailed plan you create in order to accomplish a goal.

Example: Her strategy for winning homecoming queen was to be nice to everyone.
Q: Co znaczy The strategy for Brexit, which is due to be triggered in less than three months, remains undefined in any but the vaguest terms, and seems increasingly chaotic. ?
A: That part of the sentence isn't written very well. I see what you're saying and you could be right. But if that was the case the sentence should say 'anything but the vaguest terms at all' (the opposite). Because it has the 'undefined' part before, it is almost paradoxical as 'undefined' means not clearly or not very well defined and so the strategy would therefore have to be 'vague' as it is not defined properly. The sentence written exactly as it is, basically is saying that the strategy is not defined but is clear, which doesn't really make much sense in the same sentence, if you see what I mean. Sorry if I'm confusing you!
Q: Co znaczy What strategies do you suggest for learning about new retail concepts??
A: It means that they are asking for new ideas and ways that help in learning about the concepts and rules of selling and retail

Example sentences using "Strategy"

Q: Napisz przykładowe zdania z strategies and tactics.

Strategies are plans or policies for a particular purpose, while tactics are means of achieving something. In short, strategies are plans and tactics are the actions. So strategies always come before tactics.

By careful strategy, they implemented surprise tactics and won.
Q: Napisz przykładowe zdania z strategy.
A: What is your strategy for dealing with difficult customers?

Teach me some strategies for passing the test.
Q: Napisz przykładowe zdania z strategy.
A: what is your sales strategy for the coming year? It appears your strategy to correct the situation failed.
Q: Napisz przykładowe zdania z strategy (less than 14word).
A: I have a strategy to win the game.

Synonyms of "Strategy" and their differences

Q: Jaka jest różnica między strategy i tactics ?
A: Strategy
- an overarching, long-term plan or set of goals with an specific, overall aim (and you use tactics to help this strategy).
- Since a strategy is something that is long-term, it is not something that you can switch up and change as you like (it takes time).

- the actions or steps that are taken in order to accomplish your strategy (i.e. the concrete details and action you take, rather than some broader idea like a "strategy").

- A nation's strategy is to win the hearts and minds of a population
- The tactics the government uses are things like: TV shows, war films, radio broadcasts, and passing certain legal plans that help unemployment in the population.
Q: Jaka jest różnica między strategy on i strategy of ?
A: Strategy On = describes how the strategy is to be implemented

“RoseEater has a solid strategy on how to learn Japanese”

Strategy Of = describes what the strategy is

“RoseEater’s strategy of using WaniKani, hiNative and Genki textbooks will help him to learn Japanese”


“RoseEater has a solid strategy on how to learn Japanese. RoseEater uses [i.e. has a strategy of using] WaniKani, hiNative and Genki textbooks”
Q: Jaka jest różnica między “tactic" i "strategy" ?
A: These terms come from the military field. "Strategy" is about the steps you take to achieve your goals for the entire war. "Tactics" describe the steps you take to achieve your goals in one battle or even a small engagement.

Therefore, tactics are much smaller in scale than strategy. Or you might say strategy encompasses tactics. If strategy is the steps you take and the sub-goals you set in order to achieve your big goal, then tactics are the steps you take to achieve those much smaller sub-goals.

Outside the military domain, the terms are often used interchangeably without regard for the difference in scale they imply.
Q: Jaka jest różnica między The best strategy is still being discussed in global department. i The best strategy is in the process of discussing in global department. ?
A: I would adjust these to
"The best strategy is still being discussed in the global department."
"The best strategy is in the process of being discussed in the global department."

The first sentence puts a little more emphasis on the time it is taking, with "still' giving a feeling of it taking a long time.

The second is a more formal sentence, it sounds more official and gives a feeling of "everything is under control".
Q: Jaka jest różnica między strategy i tactics ?
A: really? cant remember too well.. Anyways, strategy is more vague while tactics is more specific would be my final answer

Translations of "Strategy"

Q: Jak to przetłumaczyć na angielski (amerykański)? strategy
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: Jak to przetłumaczyć na angielski (amerykański)? strategy
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: Jak to przetłumaczyć na angielski (amerykański)? strategy (give me voice record please)
A: Here you go!
Q: Jak to przetłumaczyć na angielski (amerykański)? strategy (pronunciation)
A: Check the question to view the answer

Other questions about "Strategy"

Q: "Would the strategy be a detailed and comprehensive plan, or a spatial framework that ensures that the more detailed regional and local plans are better informed?" In this sentence, what is the difference between the former and the latter choice? Thanks.
A: The former choice means that the strategy would be a very detailed plan, like a rule book, that would be applied universally/nationally. Only one plan would apply throughout the whole country, and people in the regional and local offices wouldn't be able to change or alter that plan in any way.

The latter choice means that the strategy wouldn't be a detailed plan that was applied nationally. It would just be a guideline that people in regional and local offices could use to help them make their own detailed and comprehensive plans.

I hope this makes sense! It's a little bit hard to understand without any context, but basically the former means the strategy would be an unbreakable rule and the latter means the strategy would only be a guideline to help people.
Q: Jak to poprawnie wypowiedzieć strategy?
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: Czy to brzmi naturalnie? You would win him even if you consider the astute strategy.
A: No, "astute" means "observant" or "clever," but describes a person, not objects, so this word doesn't make sense in the context of this sentence. A more natural sounding sentence would be something like: "Even if you have a detailed or well-thought out plan, you will never be able to win his heart." Winning a person isn't really used, at least not in the way you have worded it. You can also say "win him over," meaning that you win someone over or convince them of something.
Q: ​​the strategy zeroed in on the idea of ...., or the strategy zeroed in the idea of...? which one is right?
A: Zeroed in on
Q: What do "rhetorical strategy" and "invocation" in 248 mean?
A: A rhetorical strategy will involve the use of rhetorical questions to further your argument.

For example, if you're trying to sell life insurance to a parent who is unsure of buying, you would ask them, "Do you want to make sure your children have financial support even if something (e.g. unexpected illness or death) happens to you?"

Of course the answer is obvious and that would be a "yes" and that makes the case for buying insurance stronger.

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